Going into lockdown again

White trousers Ann Taylor Loft - Black white polka dot sweater My Petites

Pewter horse bit loafers Italy - Red leather satchel hand bag 

The month of January started off with a total country lock down.
Here we go again.



Anonymous said...

Love the polka dot sweater. Looks like Nutella is bonding with you :)

Mica said...

Sorry to hear you are in lockdown again - I hope this one is a short one for you! We had a second lockdown in January but it was only for 3 days so we feel very lucky. Hopefully yours is effective and short too!

Away From Blue

Sheila said...

OMG, I hope it's over soon, honey.

Aw, Nutella is such a cute dog! She loves to photo-bomb!

Helen said...

Same us as in the UK, and it's unlikely our national lockdown will end before March. In fact, in the part of the UK where I live, we've pretty much been in lockdown since November.
At least you now have Nutella to get to know whilst you're at home.