Things I miss


Red jeans Bandolino - Blue polo shirt Carolina Herrera - 
Striped flats H&M - Bee hand bag Shariff (in transit)  - Red button earrings (in transit)

I miss so many things from my life before March. 

I miss going to pick up grandma and taking her to shopping to a small shop that is now out of business. Afterwards we'd go to a place called Bronco's that is a bit run down but the food is great and she loves it. 

We would do this often.

I miss seeing friends, being able to go to the supermarket and not having to clean everything when we get home. 

I miss restaurants, going to the salon every week, going thrifting.

I miss contact.

I miss being able to choose. 

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Mica said...

I like the red and blue together! It's definitely a new world that makes us miss things we took for granted before - it's so nice when restrictions are lifted and we are able to do more of what we love again!

Hope that you are having a great weekend!

Away From Blue