Self Portrait

Jeans Zara - Pink horse bit loafers Mundial Calzado, similar under 40.00 USD

White button down shirt Current Air  - Pink knot velvet necklace Vera 

I was writing an IG post about secondhand September and decided to take these pictures lo illustrate it. 

I am sitting on my great grandmother's chair wearing second hand Zara jeans, second hand necklace and a NWT shirt also from a second hand shop.

Yes, it's ok for you to google NWT, if you need to.

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backinstyle said...

Glad to see you are blogging, again, Lorena! You put together a great looking secondhand outfit. I adore the necklace and matching pink loafers. I have really missed thrift and consignment shopping during Covid, but I have plenty of previous finds to shop my own closet for. Stay safe and well!

Sheila said...

I know! It's "New With Tags"! :) Go, me! Ha ha!

You look very much like a "don't mess with me" Boss Lady in that first picture! You have the loveliest smile, Lorena.

Love the matchy loafer and necklace!

scrapstoker said...

Beautiful outfit and smile! I love that necklace and that gorgeous chair!

Nathalia Lucas said...

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the 4 M's said...

It's a lovely set of pictures and some great second hand finds! I don't often find any that I like with tags still on!