Colorful tie dye

Tie die pant and top set 

These days in lock down have made me a bit more adventurous in what I wear. This colorful tie dye pant and top set is a good example. 

Have you worn anything lately that you normally would not wear?


Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Yes I try more different combinations now, but don't like them at all. I just like my own style. It would be nice if you stopped by the Fancy Friday linkup party tomorrow!

Sheila said...

Oh what fun tie-dye! It's so bright and cheery, perfect for lounging around on a hot sunny day (I remember those - I miss them).

I am more in "house" clothes as I'm home more, but I try to dress up for ANY occasion, as I've noticed it makes me feel better.

backinstyle said...

Love the bright, multicolored tie-dye! I would definitely wear that outfit for lounging and beyond. I have fallen onto the hole of wearing the most comfortable clothes I have at home during isolation, but choosing the most cheerful colors. Currently, I am dressing up mostly just for fun and as a creative outlet while covid still rages on.

Mica said...

What a fun colourful set! :)

I've found I've tried different combinations as I so rarely see anyone - when I'm just doing school drop off and pick up and see maybe 10 other parents then I can try something a bit different! Nothing new, just rewearing what I already have in different ways :)

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