One wear dress

Grey dress Prologue - Snake print flats H&M - Straw tote bag 

No, it's not a disposable dress. 

Although now that idea of disposable dresses in the 60's does not seem so far fetched. 

I purchased this dress on a street market a few weeks before quarantine started,  I wore it today for the first time and unfortunately it's snug at the chest area, so it will be a one time wear. 

As I speak it's been sold and hopefully will have many wears in another closet. 


Laura B said...

You are amazing at selling things! Too bad about the dress. It is a nice flowy fit!

Sheila said...

Some of my stuff is like that. I bought a Michael Kors off-the-shoulder top, and it looks awful on me. Why did I buy it??

This is a cute dress, but I think you have others that look better. Good to move it along.