The Ralph Lauren Overalls

Polo Ralph Lauren Overalls (in transit) - White sneakers 

Salvatore Ferragamo mini tote bag 

White tee shirt no brand 

I thrifted these jean overalls and had planned on keeping them until I realized I'd have to hem them, so out the door they go into my re selling pile.

During this quarantine I wore them at least 4 times only to notice that the patching and holes were too crowded for my short frame, plus I already own two other overalls. 

Too many reasons to let go.


Mica said...

They are cute overalls! It's a shame you could not keep them but good they went onto a new home!

Hope you had a great weekend! It was a cold one here, winter arrived early!

Away From Blue

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh they're cute though! At least you had a brief interlude with them before sending them on to their new owner!

Laura B said...

That is too bad they didn't work out, but I think you made some good points about not keeping them. I hope you are able to resell them easily!

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

awesome overalls! Man I need a new pair, you look so comfy and cute!

Sheila said...

That's a beautiful balcony!

I'm not a huge fan of overalls in the best of times. You look adorable, though.

backinstyle said...

Those overalls are so cute on you! I know you can't keep everything, though. You are a real wizard at buying and selling vintage and second hand. Your IG store must be a fun way to make some extra money, plus try out a lot of different looks! Your quarantine rules are very tough, I hope they are easing up a little-stay safe and well!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

I do like overalls paired with white sneakers, but yes, I would agree that your other overalls fit you better. The hems on these are too big for your frame.

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Fashion Snobber said...

I love Ralph Lauren! This overalls is super! *_*

Maureen said...

I adore these overalls! They look very cute and the patches make them unique!

Maureen |

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Oh what a bummer that you ditched these overalls. I think they are absolutely adorable! And I love them with the oversized cuff instead of hemming them. Thanks for joining us at Your Own Twist Link Party!