April 1st, 2016

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Four years ago today.

In this time machine post I am wearing overalls which I still own and love. The Ferragamo handbag is somewhere in my closet and the sunglasses were damaged along the way. The top I got rid of because it was too snug. 

I do not think in my wildest dreams what is happening today was ever considered. Did it ever occur to you that something like this could happen?


Alejandra said...

Nice casual look!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit - the dungarees really suit you. No, I never imagined the whole world practically shutting down at once. And we all communicate virtually, even with strangers. Like a sci-fi movie! Lise on the Black Sea.

Sheila said...

Haul that bag out of the closet - it's lovely!

No, we've joked about the zombie apocalypse, but never thought something like this would ever really happen!

Mica said...

It's nice you still have and like the dungarees! :)

I never imagined this would happen - even when we saw the lockdown in China, it seemed so strange to think that is where we would be here. It's a strange world to be in for sure, but at least we are together :)

Hope that you had a lovely Easter :)

Away From Blue

minimalissmo blog modowy said...

I know it is late but I wish all the best, lovely Easter and a lot of health! There is the old song in Poland with those words: "Only days we don't know are important".

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