It's March 2012

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Sometime mid March I began the government imposed quarantine.

I basically stopped getting appropriately dressed to go outdoors. Just wore piyamas, shorts and joggers with slippers. 

So I am relaying on other times, like this March 2012 outfit, which is what I wore the same day as today but 8 years ago. 

 From all I am wearing in the above pictures only the belt remains... 

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Sheila said...

I love that dress, which I now discover is actually a top and blouse! I seemed to have missed it first time around, but the pattern and style are really nice.

Many of my old outfits are like that: all I have left are the accessories!

I hope you are doing okay, honey. Hugs to you!

Mica said...

Such a great outfit on you, that print is beautiful! :)

Hope you are okay with the quarantine! I am getting dressed when I go out to walk the dog, or go get groceries, but most of the time I'm not appropriately dressed for outdoors either! Lots of pyjamas and loungewear here!

Hope that you are having a nice week :) We are enjoying the Easter break, at home of course.

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