The Key

Jeans Zara - White tee shirt Stagg

Black vest Anne Klein - Tweed and silver tone cap toe flats Sam Edelman

Mini tote bag Salvatore Ferragamo

Black metal skeleton key with rhinestones, other key pendant options here, here

February 24th.

Just the other day I was mentioning how it had been very, very long since I bought any new clothes, new, as in from a regular department store.

Today I did, fell for a black pair of pants which I can never have too many of.

What was the last garment you bought in a brick and mortar store?


Sheila said...

It was either some shoes or something from Dots for retail, and I think Flavour Upstairs or WIN for the last second-hand purchases. I can't remember. It feels like so long ago!

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Mica said...

I remember when everyone had these keys - I think my sister still has her Tiffany one, I always wanted one, am a little jealous of hers, haha!

I bought up big in Jeanswest in the January sales when it looked like the store might close - of course it didn't fold, but now with the virus I'm wondering if it will as no one is shopping as much. With Jeanswest and Kmart aside I haven't really been shopping at any high street stores. It's hard to find time with two little ones in tow, haha!

Hope that your week is going well :)

Away From Blue