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Jeans - Polo Ralph Lauren button shirt - Woven burgundy hand bag Sharif Studio, sim - Pink horse bit loafers Mundial, sim 

It's been ages since I bought any home decor, today while taking a colleague to get some housewares I bought a table top mirror display tray similar to this. I realized at that moment that I have been neglecting my home in terms of updating some of the decor.  

How about you ? What was the last time you purchased for your home?

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Sheila said...

L and I just purchased a pair of second-hand lamps for our living room. We rarely buy stuff for the home, but we did just do new counters/sink in the kitchen this past summer.

I like your casual look here, Lorena. Have you seen the documentary (HBO) "Very Ralph" yet? I didn't know he was the pioneer of the home decor "theme" and lifestyle branding. Reminded me when I saw the brand of your shirt.

Mica said...

I like this preppy look on you with the shirt and loafers! :)

Since we moved into our new house earlier this year we've been adding little pieces here and there for it - just as the need arises or budget allows, haha! We don't need much, pretty happy with what we have now for another couple years :)

Hope that you're having a great week :) I spent the day with my mum yesterday and we are taking the kids out to another Christmas event tonight :)

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Shelbee on the Edge said...

I love your gingham shirt and your home decor is very welcoming! My home decor can simply be classified as “life with boys” or “hot mess”! I haven’t bought any home decor recently because I am waiting until these boys grow up!