Currently thinking..

Black and white long sleeve shirt Cricket Lane, another option here -
Caramel Natasha Petal to the Metal Marc by Marc Jacobs hand bag

Black trousers Zara - Black flats Parfois - Brown sunglasses Nine West

I've been at my current job for fourteen years, the longest I have ever worked anywhere. 

How about you, what's the longest time you've worked in the same company?


Mica said...

Such a great shirt - the print makes it look like a metallic silver! :) Even if it is just black and white.

I've been at my current job 10, nearly 11 years, most of my working life! I have no plans to leave any time soon - they just offered me the opportunity to change it up again and work on a different project when I come back from leave so I'm probably going to do that. It keeps things different :)

Hope that you are having a good week :) We have a Christmas party today I'm really looking forward to!

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Sheila said...

I was surprised to read that this shirt is black and white - it looks like a silvery-grey in the pictures. Small prints bother me because they never photograph right.

The longest I've been at a job is 11 years, when I worked in the year-round Christmas store, but even then, I worked at a different job for 6 months in there, so it wasn't a continuous 11 years.

I've been at my current job nearly 9 years - I plan to stay here until I retire (about 10 more years, woo!).