Black Leith

Jean skirt Zara, similar - Quality craft vintage shoes

Black sweater Leith - Brown sunglasses Michael Kors 

Orange bead necklace vintage - Natasha caramel color Petal to the Metal Marc by Marc Jacobs

This sweater is yet another one of the pieces I tried to bring back to life by dying it, as you see it failed.

Worn at least 6 times since it was purchased in 2017, cost per wear is about 0.17 cents, mission accomplished, this sweater is moving on.


ALLIE NYC said...

Wow you dyed it and it didn't work? Looks good to me. Looks great with the skirt. I have a denim skirt from H&M but is shorter so I wear it with tights.

Allie of

Sheila said...

Eh, it's just a black sweater - I know you'll find another one! Love the denim skirt!