Black slip dress Topshop, similar

Panama hat, similar here

Grey perforated flats Dr. Scholl's, similar

I'd never been to Genoa.  I never even considered visiting. All I knew before getting there was that it was the birthplace of Cristoforo Colombo aka Christopher Columbus and that it was a very important European port. By the way, my history teacher must be rolling in his grave.

So I was in Florence, had to get to Cannes and as I looked at the train route it went by Genoa, so I chose to make a stop. 
I was smitten. Genoa was spectacular, Italian charm at its best. Walkable, quiet, historic, great food, amazing vintage shopping, unexpected street markets. 

I could not ask for more. 


Mica said...

I've never been to Genoa either but it sounds lovely and your little black dress looks great for summer, especially with the hat! :)

Hope that your week is off to a great start :)

Away From Blue

Sheila said...

It looks beautiful. I loved Italy - I would go back (but not with my mom/mother-in-law!).

Laura B said...

I've never been there either, but it sounds like such a lovely city!