Yellow jeans Kayden K, similar on sale - Miau Miau black print tee shirt, Armani option 
Grey blazer Suzie Shier, sim - Black Accocella perforated flats Nine West - Black quilted bucket bag Love Moschino

I have mentioned it before. My first career choice was education. I knew it way before I even stepped into a formal education environment. This choice was reinforced by teachers I had,  the possibility of change towards something better, that is the fuel.
There were several who played an important role but I have a special place in my heart for my Spanish Literature teacher.
I was in his class my last years of high school. He was an elderly man a few years away from retirement. He was a short, well dressed gentleman, strict, humble, open and such a marvellous human being.  Most important, he not only taught me on the assigned subject but also life skills. 
Thank you, wherever you may be...
Did you have any influential teachers ? Positively or negatively?


Sheila said...

Most of my teachers caused me trauma, by singling me out as a high achiever - I just wanted to blend in. Although I have good memories as well of many of them, they were not all the influential on me.

I did have one Chemistry teacher who recommended that I NOT take Physics in high school, as "it's too hard for girls." This, after I got the top marks in the class for our Physics unit! Arg, it was so sexist back in the early 80s!

Cute outfit - I love the yellow trousers and the fun top.

Beauty Unearthly said...

You look super cute :)

Mica T said...

Such a fun outfit with the graphic tee and the yellow jeans! :)

I had a few teachers that were really helpful when I was a schoolkid. I actually wrote to my old school to ask them to pass a message onto my old teacher but I never heard back, which is a shame :(

Hope that you are hav‌ing a lovely week so far :)

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Nancy's Fashion Style said...

Great Summer look! I hated school so no.😂😂😂

jodie filogomo said...

That's the best kind of inspiration. We all need to learn those life skills, and it affects us so much!!