The Sunken Cost

Black tummy tuck trousers Mario Serrani, the best tummy tuck ones here  - Black silk vintage top, similar 
Teal lace wrap shirt Donna Karan, also love this lace long sleeve one 
Black velvet heels Juicy Couture, almost identical here
Metallic satchel Stella Rittwagen, see this cool tote in same color

Oh, the sunken cost, how you torture me. Have you heard of this term? 

The sunken cost refers to a cost that has been incurred and that you cannot recover. Like when you buy something on sale and it cannot be returned or put gas in the car. It's there but you cannot get your money refunded or credited, its gone.
A few months ago as I was making on line payments, by mistake I transferred my monthly car payment to the highway toll card. Now I had over 400.00 USD in my toll card and I use the highway about once a month, that's about 4.00 USD. 
I called, emailed, went to the highway toll service office, explained the situation and they said I could not get it back. The reply was I had to sell it. Meaning I had to sell the amount to other users and then they would transfer the amount to other toll cards. It was insane. I would not only have to sell to them to get my money back but also would have to drag the people I sold to to the highway toll office with their cars so they could have get the amount transferred. I gave up on it and as I write this post there's still hundreds of dollars in my toll card. 

That's my sunken cost story. Do you have a sunken cost story?


Sheila said...

That's really a lovely bag.

I feel bad for you, Lorena!! What a silly mistake and then to not be able to correct it as quickly!

L and I have lost out on things that were all paid for, like our trip to an NHL hockey game last winter - we had paid over $500 for the tickets and the weather messed with our travel. Money gone. Ah, well. It's just money!

Laura Bambrick said...

Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about that! I can't think of any similar situations right now, but I know incurring a sunken cost has happened to me so many times before!

Closet Fashionista said...

Ugh, that STINKS! You would think they'd have solutions for something like that!

I might have that situation myself in a few days. Just bought a dress (hopefully my wedding party dress - not having an actual ceremony in front of people) from the Net-a-Porter sale and since it was an extra 20% off it's final sale......AHHHH! But it should fit, haha. If not I can probably re-sell it.

On the plus side, I love that top! Such a pretty color on you!

Anonymous said...

Oh no I am so sorry, what a bad situration.
What a silly mistake :/
But anyways your look is amazing, I adore your top so much my dear.

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Nancy's Fashion Style Blog said...

Oh how not a good service! And strange. I love your bag though!

Mica T said...

For a moment I was worried the story would be about the bag!

How frustrating with the toll card! I guess you're set for the next few years for tolls though, ha!

Away From The Blue Blog

Shea Sayers said...

Oh no!! How incredibly frustrating. My husband accidentally paid our mortgage twice one month because he thought it hadn't gone through the first time. It wasn't a sunken cost because we could apply the payment toward our next month, but we couldn't get the money back and it was money that we did need for the month we were in. Technology is nice in some ways, but I feel like it also makes it easier to mess stuff up!

NotJessFashion said...

So sad to hear about that dear. Anyway, love your bag, such a chic classic style.

Jessica |

backinstyle said...

Oh, too bad about your toll card, but at least you will use the money eventually! I love your lace top, it's a gorgeous color on you! And the metallic satchel bag is such a classic, and it looks like the perfect size-glad you got it back in circulation again.

Natalie Sampson said...

That's horrible Lorena! Y la solución aún peor.
Leyendo el término me sentí como en una de mis clases de economía. Creo que la única situación en la que he pasado por eso fue con unos boletos de un concierto al que no pude ir. No me acuerdo bien que paso pero sí de que pensé que había perdido mi plata.