Power of Clothes

Blue striped ruffle sweater Beulah, identical here - White pencil skirt Nine West, similar
Striped blue sweater Beulah, identical here - White and blue bow heels Red Valentino, similar

Silver rhinestone and blue stone earrings, similar - Doctor's bag Baurisar 

Over the past months I've tried this skirt on over and over. All of those times I removed it as it was always too tight. Nothing looks worst than a white tight garment.
I have to admit every single time, this skirt had power to humiliate me. The skirt, specially the zipper kept reminding me that I had gained weight. Clothes should not have that power but they do, they can affect how you feel, how you perform. They can give you that extra push of confidence required or send you to a dungeon. This skirt sent me to the dungeon several times...
Today I can zip it up (finally!) and wear it, but now I feel like getting rid of it because it made me feel bad in the past. Does this make any sense? 


Mica T said...

That really makes sense! I often have emotional attachments to clothes so if something is a pain, eventually I don't like wearing it! ha! After I had my eldest boy, if things didn't fit I tried them a couple of times and then just gave up and donated them, ha! I wasn't going to make myself feel bad when I had other (more stretchy and accommodating!) pieces in my wardrobe that made me feel good.

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Anonymous said...

This outfit is sooo stylish - keep it. Now it's a positive piece :) Lise

Sheila said...

This totally makes sense to me - I get rid of pieces that make me feel bad about myself. There are plenty of white skirts out there - don't keep it if it has a negative association for you!