Things you should never do

White skirt Nine West, similar - Black blazer Nine West, similar at a superb price
Black velvet heel Juicy Couture, similar - Doctor's bag Baurisar
Grey and black top Custo Barcelona 
There are things that in my opinion, one should never do. One of them is to listen to WhatsApp voice messages or videos you have received while public and with a high volume sound. I usually give an evil eye... 
What do you think one should never do in public ?

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Courtney Erin said...

It definitely drives me nuts when people do stuff like that - I'm also not a fan of having a phone conversation on speaker when there are others around.

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

Mica T said...

haha yes! I struggle with snapchat. I try, I really do, but you can't watch it quietly with the boys asleep as the volume can go from low to high instantly, and you can't watch it when they are awake as you never know what the content will be. It should be family friendly but you can never be too sure, haha!

I think I'm just too old for those kinds of things!

Hope that you have a lovely weekend ahead of you! I have a friend's birthday party tonight I'm looking forward to :)

Away From The Blue Blog

ashonfashionary said...

Gorgeous you look very elegant and the top is beautiful. I absolutely agree with what you said, I get very annoyed when ppl listen loud music and messages in public transport.

Regards Ashon

Dressed With Soul said...

I agree and I experienced exactly that this morning! I can't understand such rude behaviour ... but your dress is very elegant and you look like the beautiful lady you are in it!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Black Dress Inspiration said...

Cómo me gusta tu bolso

Beauty Unearthly said...

You look so classy. Love the bag! Have a great week! xx

Patricia Africa Iglesias Martínez said...

Totalmente de acuerdo! Hay tantas cosas que no se deberían hacer en público pero una de ellas es hablar por teléfono con alguien explicando problemas personales mientras todo el mundo te escucha...
Estás guapísima!


Oh to Be a Muse said...

I like the design on your top. And I think most people would prefer if others didn't talk loudly while in public.

Pilar Bernal Maya said...

I agree with you
I never do that indeed

LEN K said...

Gosh! Too chic!!

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty said...

Gorgeous look! I love the white skirt but I think of my 4 year old and how quickly it would stain.

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty