Odd associations

Black trousers Mossimo, similar here and tummy control option here
Black blazer Nine West, similar here and here
Black flats Salvatore Ferragamo - Black tote bag Furla 
Bow rhinestone pin, similar options under 13.00 USD here, here and here
Printed grey top Custo Barcelona
I associate clothing to events, well at least some of them. This top in particular is one I associate with the time I had an important meeting where my company CEOs and a VIP customer were present. While waiting in the meeting room we were offered coffee and yours truly ordered a cappuccino. I spilt the entire coffee cup on the meeting table soaking documents and computers. Maybe its the reason I don't wear this top much.


backinstyle said...

Love the professional polish of this outfit, Lorena! I know what you mean about not being able to shake a feeling about a piece of clothing that you have a negative experience in. It doesn't happen very often, but if it brings back an unpleasant memory, it leaves my closet!

Sheila said...

Ha, that would certainly create a negative association with that garment! Lovely polished look you have here today!

Oh, and only a DOLLAR for that green silk dress?? I'm dying!

Laura Bambrick said...

Oh no! What a story! I don't think I would be able to wear that top much either! It is a really cute top though!

Ruth Maldonado said...

The top is actually beautiful. It looks like silk, but after something like that I would be hesitant to wear it too!


Mica T said...

Oh my goodness what an embarrassing moment! I wouldn't look fondly on the outfit if that happened to me, I tend to be harsher on my clothes when I have a bad day! It is a pretty top though :)

Hope that you are having a really nice week so far :) I'm enjoying the cooler autumn weather!

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Shea Sayers said...

Oh no!! It's a cute top but I see what you mean about having negative thoughts about it. I hope it redeemed itself the last time you wore it :) I think I block out things like that that I do so I don't remember what I wore, which I guess could be good or bad!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Haha, I hope you can laugh about it now because that's a pretty funny reason to not wear this top. I guess I'd probably keep it in the back of my closet as well. Or you can wear it and make a new memory with it.

Helene.Vlacho said...

Despite what happened on the meeting the top is so beautiful! Perfect for classic work wear!

Magdalena Ścierska Minimalissmo said...

This set looks very good, despite the blouse is not plain, I think it would be better plain. It means that I'm not always right :) Anyway, looks pro. I like blouses/shirts with a bow or ruffles, they suit my beauty and style. And Yours too.