Skipping trends

Sure, I am aware of trends. But, because something is trending it does not mean it's to be followed. 

Because let's be realistic, some trends out there just don't apply to us. They have nothing in common with the lives we live, who we are or even our style. Others are just not flattering. Why would I wear something that is detracting and not adding? 
My suggestion is go try it, think how it works with your current wardrobe and if it will have a long life in your closet or will it just be a fling? With this in mind, these are two trends I am totally skipping and why. 

First up: The sunglasses holder, the "strap", "retainer" also known with the chic name of "leash" or "eye wear chain". Sorry, but for me it screams granny no matter what you call it. Even if Chloe makes this eye catching one, no thanks. 
I wear sunglasses and when they are not protecting my eyes they are sitting on my head. I've never needed them.                            

Seguro, sigo las tendencias. Pero porque algo esté "de moda" no significa que lo tengamos que comprar. Seamos realistas, hay tendencias allá afuera que no aplican a nosotros. No tienen nada en común con las vidas que vivimos, con quiénes somos ni con nuestro estilo. Otras simplemente no nos quedan bien. Por qué llevar algo que en vez de aportar va a restar? Mi sugerencia es, ve y pruébatelo, pregúntate cómo lo incorporarías y si tendrá una larga vida en tu armario o será solo un "fling". Con esto en mente aquí hay dos tendencias que no voy a usar y el porqué. 
La primera es la "cuelga lentes" o esa cuerda de donde se guindan los lentes sobre el pecho. En serio? esto grita abuelita. Grita abuela de mi abuela. No importa si Chloe sacó este modelo que ciertamente llama la atención. No cuenten conmigo.

Second: The net bag. They are all over the place. They resemble the bags used to carry fruit and veggies from the market. Things fall out, bag contents are on display, they get stuck everywhere. Sure I know, you 'll say "but they're supposed to hold the other bag". Why do I need two bags?

Segundo: La bolsa red. Está por todos lados. Se parecen a las bolsas que uno usa para ir a comprar frutas al mercado. Las cosas se caen por los huequitos, todo el contenido está a la vista, se enredan. Claro, dirán "pero es que adentro va otra bolsa". Pero para qué necesito dos bolsas?

How about you? What trends are you skipping ?

Y ustedes qué tendencias van a saltar?


Anonymous said...

I'm skipping pointed toe shoes. My feet are not shaped like points in the front, and are wide. Shoes with smaller toe boxes hurt, so I'll pass on this trend. Gerrilyn

Mica T said...

I think you can definitely skip most trends, it's nice to try new things sometimes though. In saying that, I'm not a net bag fan!

Hope you had a lovely week and have a nice weekend ahead of you :) We went out for dinner yesterday and I caught up with a blogging friend today so it's a great weekend here! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Miguel Gouveia said...

thank you dear :d

I reall need this trendy bag :D

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amely rose said...

What a nice post- idea.
It's cool to see your honestopinion and that not all blogs hype everything.
There are for sure some trends you can skippe, most of all when the items are reaaaaally expensive.

take a look at my BLOG and also INSTAGRAM

Dressed With Soul said...

Honestly, I don't think I'm expert in trends. E. g. what you show here was new for me :) Normally, I wear what I like :)
With love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Sheila said...

I had no idea either of those were trends (nor pointy-toed shoes!). I just don't wear stuff that looks bad on me!

Kim Alston said...

I say, only wear what you're comfortable wearing.

Straight A Style said...

I can't decide what to make of the net bag. I think it is fun but also such a different trend.

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Natalie Sampson said...

Mira que las dos tendencias me gustan pero no las usaría. La que mas me llama la atención son las cadenas de los lentes.

Lyddiegal said...

I'm skipping the sunglasses chain for sure! I suppose there is a certain amount of practicality to them but not for me. I did get a macrame bag, but I made sure it had a lining!