Foreign language

Black jumper Praia, similar - Grey long vest Valette, similar - Zebra print heels Bershka - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli 
Black jumper Praia, similar - Grey long vest Valette, similar less structured one
When it comes to getting dressed, fashion can be a foreign language. Most fashion we wear originates in another country, well at least that's how it is where I live. Regardless of it being something we sometimes do not understand, it is simple enough that we do know if we like it or not.  You see a handbag and without uttering a word you've already made your appreciation of it. Someone enters the room with a printed garment and you want it... or not.
The beauty of the foreign fashion language is that we can all appreciate it even though we may not totally get it... What was the last "it" item you totally loved, or hated ? 


Closet Fashionista said...

Love that jumper! And it's so true! Fashion is a weird weird thing. Not sure what the last it item I loved was....but last it item I bought was the Chloe Faye ;)

Beauty Unearthly said...

You look super cute :)

Jenny Plog said...

I love this look!! great style dear. Thank you for visiting my blog:)

Miguel Gouveia said...

thanks darling :D

you look absolutelly cool :D

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Straight A Style said...

Love the vest over this!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Laura Bambrick said...

I love seeing fashion that originates in a different location because it makes me think outside of the box and is unique to what I am used to seeing in my area!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Oh agreed! I totally loved that gold top (that I wore in Monday's post) when I saw it on another blogger back in September. Had to have it!

You are looking quite chic in this jumpsuit.

Mica T said...

When it comes to handbags, there are so many 'it' bags I just had to have, haha! There was one I bought a while back and sold and it's still around in various versions at the moment...I'm so tempted to buy an updated version of it. Maybe for Christmas? haha!

I really like your outfit too. I struggle sometimes with ways to wear the pink vest I have, this looks so flawless I need to try it over a monochrome outfit again, as I don't have any jumpsuits.

Away From The Blue Blog

Natalie Sampson said...

I always love a good jumpsuit.
The first item that jumps into my mind are those pants that comes with the stripe on the side. I want them but I don't know if I wore them. Rather than loving them or hating them I'm more on the middle.