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Grey jean trousers Cato - Bow print shirt Forever 21  - Cap toe flats Zara - Doctor's bag Venezia

Every time I find an item I have not worn in a while its the same feeling of defeat. It makes me wonder, what the size of a wardrobe should be. A wardrobe that meets all my requirements, fulfills my needs, has just the right amount of garments and is versatile enough to keep me from shopping. Most important that I wear all I have frequently and not once every two years like this shirt worn last in 2015.
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Oh to Be a Muse said...

The little designs on this top look very pretty. It sounds like you should clean out your closet so that you can wear nice pieces like this more often. And I really should do the same. I definitely need less clothes in my closet so I can fully wear the pieces I really love.

Straight A Style said...

I think the fact that you are aware of your wardrobe and thinking about it's size is good. Love this top!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Black Dress Inspiration said...

Tengo una blusa con el mismo estampado


Sheila said...

It's a balance of making sure you are wearing everything that you love, and then revisiting items and making those decisions to cull pieces that no longer sing to you.

If you're not feeling this blouse, let it go!

PhotosbyCris said...

Beautiful top. I tend to keep a lot of my clothes and some items are classic so I keep them and wear them over and over again.


SHON said...

Your top is very pretty! Yeh, you are rising a very good question about a size of a wardrobe. I'm personally trying to keep all my garments...

Jacquard Flower said...

Love the print on your shirt! Have a great day!

Gemma x

Mica T said...

I think there is a difference between a cluttered wardrobe, a full wardrobe and a minimal wardrobe but like you I'm not sure where the line is I still feel I have too much stuff, perhaps this year now the breastfeeding and pregnancy years are behind me I can start being a little stricter with what stays in my wardrobe and what leaves. Once things settle down body-wise, ha! :)

If you figure out the magic number of items let me know! I think it will be different for everyone though.

Hope you are having a nice start to the week!

Away From The Blue Blog

jodie filogomo said...

There can't be a right and wrong answer, and I don't subscribe to the theory that you have to wear everything in a year.
Sometimes it's like finding a prize when you "rediscover" items. How boring that would be if it never happened!!

Magdalena Ścierska Minimalissmo said...

I like to have note a lot of things, small wardrobe. And I had it. But when I started bloging, I am very unhappy for my wardrobe because it grows. I dont like to mamy items. (...) I like this shirt! Month ago I was in my favourite sh near Warsaw and I bought 3 items (30 cents each), among others similar shirt (a little darker so I want to use light pants). Maybe I can show it in this season.

Kim Alston said...

Those are ALL good reasons for a successful wardrobe Lorena. Great outfit.