Blue jeans Zara - Striped blue long sleeve tee shirt Stradivarius - Blue Bee Happy shoes C. Wonder - Vintage Moschino bag

Blue and black vintage Moschino bag, another Moschino one with heart emblem here
The best surprise is to find something unexpected in your pictures, in this case my photo bomber Vanilla, who showed up in the second picture to see what was going on in the balcony ;) 

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Sakuranko said...

Oh very cute pics darling

Sheila said...

I love those slippers. It's awesome when pets (and husbands, in my case) photobomb our pictures. I always enjoy those ones better than the "perfect" poses.

Jointy&Croissanty said...

Gorgeous blouse and bag! You look cool!


Jacquard Flower said...

Aww your little photo bomb is the cutest! Also love this look. Your bag is gorgeous!

Gemma x

Style For Mankind said...

I am so loving this!


Dressed With Soul said...

This is such a sweet surprise to see Vanilla in the second picture, dear Lorena. I love this picture and you look beautiful and relaxed in your look with the striped shirt and the denims.
xx Rena

backinstyle said...

What a little doll Vanilla is, so glad she made an appearance! Love those Bee Happy slippers, so cute! I saw some similar ones at DSW with "love" embroidered across the toes, that I would have been tempted to buy, but they didn't have my size. The 8 1/2 always seems to be the first to go!

Mica T said...

Your pup is so cute! :) It's nice that they photobombed - Cooper does that now too. I don't have the energy to get him to sit nicely for photos like I used to pre-babies, so he just kinda wanders around and sometimes pops into the frame, haha!

Away From The Blue Blog

ChrissyNeedsGrace said...

This whole outfit is cute, as well as your photo bomber. ;) I love the details on the shoes and purse. And that view!!!

Thank you for linking up with the Thursday Moda. What a fabulous way to meet fellow blogging enthusiasts.