Facial expressions

Block dress AA Studio - Brown tote bag Coach - Brown cap toe flats Coach - Sunglasses Gucci 
Sometimes we do not need, or do not want to speak, however much can be understood through facial expressions. Are you naturally expressive or unreadable ? 
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Elle said...

I think I am naturally expressive , as you are in this fabulous outfit. Love the skirt
Xx, Elle

Natalie Sampson said...

I'm very expressive.. I might be quiet but my face will say it all. Love this skirt!

So Alice said...

My face is always very expresive, I cannot hide anything :-) Great outfit my dear, I love your skirt :-)

Sibaritismos de Inma said...

muy guapa, buen post

jodie filogomo said...

Yeah...I don't hide my feelings well--they are written on my face at all times!!
Sometimes I think you can tell even if I like an outfit, just by how I stand or smile...

Laura Mitbrodt said...

I never really thought about it

Black Dress Inspiration said...

Pues tengas la expresión que tengas yo te veo genial y la falda me enamora


Mica T said...

I've had some unfortunate faces in my outfit photos taken at just the wrong time, haha!

It's easy to tell how I feel about something, I show it in my face and don't hide it very well. A couple people could tell I was pregnant before I announced it as I had that 'I'm about to vomit' look in photos, ha!

Hope you have had a lovely weekend :)

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Sheila said...

Expressive - you can always tell what I'm thinking!

Kim Alston said...

A guy once told me to never play poker, because my face shows everything! LOL I wear my heart on my sleeve.