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Black jeans NYDJ Not Your Daughter's Jeans - Zebra print heel Bershka - Grey bag Ferragamo - Top Forever 21

Houndstooth print flower brooch Talbots

In October 2012 I picked up this black and white top from Forever 21, it was on sale for 12.99 USD. Fast forward to 2017 and its still around, worn 12 times at a fabulous CPW of 1.08 USD, its a garment that I love. It does not wrinkle and it has the ability to transform any outfit into something more than casual and its truly easy to wear. The problem is that I found a small hole in one of the sleeves. I actually saw it about four wears ago and have yet to let go of the top. It's a little bit like my "Daisy Fuentes sweater syndrome", which long story short, is a sweater I wore over and over with scarves and big necklaces as it had a big stain in the front but I refused to give it away (full post here). So this is me trying to let it go, below are past wears, which one is your favourite ? Mine is probably the one with the culottes or the pencil skirt. 




Pick your favourite and let me know in the comments. 
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Deborah said...

Oh I love this - and the top is so affordable too!

xo Deborah
Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

Straight A Style said...

Love seeing all the different ways you have worn this piece. You have definitely gotten your moneys worth!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Stella said...

Such a wonderful black and white look Lorena! I love the ways you styled this top for so different looks! Very classy! I think the most recent one is my favourite :)

jodie filogomo said...

Oooh...I don't know. I was going to say my fave was the culottes until I saw the white print pants!!
It is a sad day when a piece gets too damaged or stained to continue to wear it. I'm that optimistic type though that thinks I'll find something else to love!!

Courtney Erin said...

I've actually had pretty decent luck with Forever 21 stuff - I have more than a couple of pieces from there that I paid very little for and which have held up well over the years and multiple years --- love this top!

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

Beauty Unearthly said...

Looks so good.

Aria Di Bari said...

I love all of these looks, especially the 1st one with the houndstooth brooch detail!


Mica T said...

It is an awesome top! I'm the same with things with holes in them - I won't always let them go right away if it's not noticeable and it's a piece I really love! I like giving things final wears too. It's a shame this is leaving your wardrobe, but you got a lot of good outfits from it! :)

Hope you are having a great weekend :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Laura Bambrick said...

That is a gorgeous top! I love that it is in neutral colors, but has a lot of interest with two fabrics and the ruffles ! It would be hard for me to get rid of too. I have to agree with you, I like it with the culottes the best!

Óscar Palomares said...

¡Hola, Lorena! Pues la verdad es que le has dado muy buen uso a este top en negro... Y lo luces siempre con tanto estilo que cada vez parece una prenda distinta! No te sabría decir cómo te sienta mejor, siempre maravillosa ;)

Un beso,
Le Style et Moi

Elizabeth said...

It's amazing how versatile this top is! I love the look with the skirt. It looks like a dress.
Elizabeth | Confidentlyelegant.com

Surface 85 said...

Great top! I love it with the culottes! It looks super chic.

Aurelie | http://www.surface85.com

Kary said...

A mi la verdad me gustan todas las combinaciones, pero la que se lleva estrellita extra es la primera, con el broche de flor. Me encanta!!!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

It's a lovely top. I can see why you've kept it (and why you wear it so much) after all these years. Can't you just stitch up the hole? I recently found a rip in one of my True Religion button downs and I just started to roll up the sleeves to cover it, lol. I don't want to throw it away and I'm too lazy to stitch it up, lol.

Kim Alston said...

HaHa! Well you would never know Lorena and every time you wear it ... it looks glorious on you!

LyddieGal said...

I say just wear it until it's completely dead. If you love it, you love it. I agree, the culotte look is fun, but I'm most drawn to the 2013 shot in your living room, perhaps because your hair is pulled back, you are smiling brightly, and you aren't wearing sunglasses. It's lovely to see you!
Chic on the Cheap

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

This top is so versatile and looks great with any jeans or pants. But let it go, you can find a similar one. I love this tee best with the black cigarette pants, the black culottes and the gingham pants. =)