Old garments

Black trousers Mossimo - Orange button down shirt Isaac Mizrahi - Black patent shoes Zara - Black leather bag vintage

Vintage like earrings, similar colors here - Gold vintage ring, similar here - 
Black leather vintage bag Croft and Barrow, similar here

When do you consider a garment old ? This question crossed my mind the other day as I chose to wear this button down again. This shirt in particular has been in the closet for at least ten years, but the wear has been minimal. The fabric continues to be bright, buttons are intact and it has a lot of wears left in it however I would consider this garment old. How about you, what are your thoughts, when do you consider a garment is "old" ?   


Beauty Unearthly said...

Amazing outfit, xx

Sheila said...

Anything pre-blog is old to me (that's before 2008). Even things that are 5 years old feel old to me.

Kim Alston said...

Usually after 5 years. But classic styles can withstand the test of time.

Stella said...

What a lovely look and shirt my dear Lorena! Honestly I don't consider clothes as old very often. I have some pieces from my mother that look like brand new, and some fast fashion pieces like zara and mango that I have worn twice and look like they are ready to fall apart. I let my clothes be as old as they feel, just like me haha! Love your earrings! Hope you are doing great and wishing you happy holidays if you're celebrating Easter!

LyddieGal said...

Anything I still have from when I started my blog (eight years ago) I definitely consider old. Of course some things are already old when I get them, but I don't really start counting until it becomes mine!
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