Shopping ban in full throttle

A month and a few days have passed since I started my shopping ban. While it may not seem much for you, in my case, it is. The best thing is I have not had a real urge for buying anything. 

Above are some of the things I fell in love with during the last few weeks, keep on reading to learn why I instragrammed them. 

Here is how I have kept strong for 42 days and counting:

1. Unsubscribed from over 30 newsletters.
2. Taken to the tailor several garments to have adjusted.
3. Made small attempts to declutter. Started with cosmetics, earrings and shoes and have a world to go.
4. Begun telling everyone that I am on a shopping ban, so they can help me stay focused. You need support, or I do.
5. Left my credit card in a drawer at work.
6. Photograph the items I'd like to buy and instagram them. It makes me "feel" I have them. 
7. Share either via Whatsapp or Instagram those items I really like with friends whom I think would like them. I know I am bad influence, my theory is that if they buy them I can borrow from them.
8. Make plans: stay busy and create opportunities to wear all those clothes hanging there. There you have less time to go to the mall or browse on line. 
9. Use the cash you're saving towards important things. This may come as a surprise, because you'd think I was saving this cash. But I used part of the money I did not spend on clothes to pay for this year's fire insurance policy. Instead of letting it sit in my bank account I used it, if I left it there I would have felt tempted.  I am also making additional payments on my credit card.


LyddieGal said...

I'm grateful for the shopping ban, as I had to spend $600 on tires for my car this month! And it's really made me think more about what I am spending my money on, and how I can't possibly squeeze anything more into my coat closet or sweater drawer right now.

Sheila said...

Good for you, Lorena. I love the idea of Instagraming the stuff you fall for, instead of buying it. That's how I feel about letting go of things - I take a picture of it, then I don't feel so bad about it leaving my closet.

I think this is going to be a really good experience for you, learning what you really love to wear out of what you have. I'm so proud of you!

Mica T said...

Oh I like the instagramming idea! :) I was considering browsing the sales and sharing my favourite finds instead of buying anything but I'm worried I'd bee too tempted so I'm staying away as much as possible. I'm doing a similar thing - the money is going to other things and that helps with curbing the urge to spend, as does letting friends/family know so we pick other things to do when we catch up rather than just shop :)

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Kim Alston said...

You would be surprise at the things you need and don't need. I did a full makeup ban in January and a partial one this month. I really thought about things before I purchased them. Good for you Lorena.

Natalie Sampson said...

I broke the shopping ban last week and I kind of regret it. Even though one of the things was something I needed I still felt bad. Maybe that's why I couldn't sleep that well lol. I will be beginning again this week. Hopefully I can last longer than a month this time!