Curating your closet

Striped blazer ad skirt Worthington - Black leather pumps Oh Deer ! - Harriet tote bag See by Chloe - Black bow top DNA

Closets have always been intriguing for me. They´re usually private, come in all sizes and they tell you so much about their owner. The first closet I was totally impressed with was from my mom's friend Maryle. Maryle's closet was from wall to wall (note it was not the time of walk in closets..)  I was so impressed to the point that still today I remember it vividly. Not only because of the size but because of the organisation. Everything had its place and it was all impeccable. 
Her shoes and accessories were cleaned by her maid the moment she took them off and they were put back in their assigned place. Shoes were stored in see through labeled bins. Costume jewellery was wiped with a soft cloth and returned to their original boxes. Clothes were immediately hung, nothing was out of place. 
Then there's my closet. Regardless of the closet sizes I've had, its never been enough. There is always an overflowing drawer, clothes that wrinkle because they are squeezed in without any moving space. There are shoes in boxes that I forget about because I do not see them. Accessories that remain unworn for years because they were out of sight, handbags that are stored in the living room because I have no other place for them...
I'd love a closet that I can see all things displayed in and where I could find everything and not have to wrestle other clothes to get to that skirt I want to wear... because sometimes I do ! 
While I do know that is an attainable dream, its something I have to work on: one day at a time.
So, tell me about your closet.
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Beauty Unearthly said...

You look super cute :)

Len Parent said...

Amazing look and obessed with your dress. Great styling doll.
Thanks for sharing!
Much love, Len

backinstyle said...

Love this look on you, Lorena! Your last few black and white outfits have been very chic and sophisticated, also. My closet suffers from "too much" as well. After the holidays, during the quieter Winter months, I plan to take a good hard look at what I really love and wear frequently. Curating is on my list! As you said, it makes sense to know what you have, and be able to easily find it!

Mica T said...

Love the stripe on stripe with the skirt and blazer!

I'd love a wardrobe like that too...sadly I rarely put things back in the right spot and I often "lose" things in there. It's my dream to have a walk in wardrobe when we get our house, so I can have everything organised and easy to see at a glance. Until then I'm trying to stay as organised and tidy as possible, and try to be ruthless with what I keep to make my half-wardrobe space (I share with DH!) work for me.

Hope you are having a wonderful week :)

Away From The Blue Blog

LyddieGal said...

My closet sounds like yours. I know that the dream of an organized closet is attainable right now, but that would involve a very significant purge. I mean, probably 70% would have to go to fit in the space I have comfortable, with you know, swish room and shoes not stashed under the bed and bags not piled on to every door knob... What I really want is a bigger closet ;)