United Colors

When I came across this vintage 
United Colors of Benetton sweater
I became nostalgic for high school. 
The feeling only lasted a second.
United Colors of Benetton red sweater - Blue jean skirt Zara -
Yellow heels Tsubo - Grey bag Salvatore Ferragamo
Back in the day I would have loved to
own one of these cosy sweaters
and wear it to school - I was kind of
surprised to find this sweater and feel
the need to have it... some things you're
always gonna like right ?  


Shea Sayers said...

The sweater is fun but I especially love your denim skirt! Your comment about feeling nostalgic about high school for a second made me laugh :)

Courtney Erin said...

Ha ha - I love your comment that the feeling of nostalgia only lasted a minute (it's the same for me when I think about High School).

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

Mica T said...

It was a great find, and it looks lovely with the denim skirt! :)

I think when we want things for a while, it's wonderful when we get them eventually! :) I often thing about high school with fondness, but like you, never for too long!

Away From The Blue Blog

Sheila said...

I love that you're having a flashback with that awesome top - it's so very 80s!

Kim Alston said...

In high school I lived for United Colors of Benetton! I remember my first outfit. HaHaHa Great sweatshirt!

FashionJazz said...

Love the sweater, I am a huge fan of mixing sweaters with denim :) xx

Jessica Cangiano said...

Yes, majorly! There are elements from my youth that I still feel drawn to when it comes to fashion as well (especially if I didn't have the means to afford them back then).

Great find and such a fun outfit. There's just no beating a cozy sweatshirt.

xoxo ♥ Jessica

Margot said...

I love your sweater !
It looks good with this skirt.

LyddieGal said...

I completely get that.