One of the things I like to do
when putting an outfit together
is to mix, in this case handmade
goods from different cultures.
Blue dress Red Valentino - Red flats Stradivariu

In this case it was a colourful straw bead 
necklace from Mexico city and a hand 
embroidered clutch from Pisaq in Peru:
multicultural indeed. 


Kim Alston said...

I've always loved bags & jewelry from Mexico. It's so beautiful and colorful. Looks great with that blue dress Lorena.

Sheila said...

Fabulous outfit! You look radiant in that blue. I really like the Peruvian bag mixed with the Mexican necklace. Well done!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Very, very lovely outfit. The dark, elegant blue makes for the perfect backdrop to highlight these beautiful multicultural accessories against.

xoxo ♥ Jessica