A Pet Peeve

If I had to chose one of the following 
words to describe myself: 
picky vs easy going..
it would definitely be picky.
Black vintage blouse Impressions of California 
Gap jeans - Black patent shoes Zara 
L Monogram necklace Tiffany & Co.
In that train of thought, as you can imagine
pet peeves are quite common. 
Lately I am annoyed beyond reason by those
people who after using the restroom wash their 
hands (brownie points), don't dry them and open
 the door, thus leaving a wet doorknob for
the person behind - which is usually me.. 

How about you, any pet peeves ?


Adriana BohoCloset said...

Estás guapísima, me encanta el look!! https://bohoclosetblog.com/2016/09/12/shorts-de-ante/

Mica T said...

Oh that monogram necklace is lovely! :) So nice against the black shirt :)

My mum hates the wet doorknob thing and is always so careful not to touch the door after washing her hands, haha. She'll open it with her hands wrapped in paper towels if he has to. She's got pretty good aim at throwing the towels back into the bin once the door's open too!

Away From The Blue Blog

LyddieGal said...

I would definitely be a picky person. very picky. I have a ton of pet peeves, like how in a restaurant if you are having more than one course and the busser takes your plate, but removes the silverware and puts it on the table. Now not only do I have to use my dirty flatware for the next course, but it's been in contact with the table. The last time I went out I made a point to pick up my silverware as the plate was being bussed, and then I just held it. The waiter was actually an observant, decent and intuitive person and brought me back a clean plate to put them down on.

Vintage + Denim for the win.
Chic on the Cheap

MamaInHeels Blog said...

I love this outfit. It's minimal but chic!!!


Courtney Erin said...

I hate it when that happens too - so annoying! I also get irritated when people just really make a mess washing their hands and get water all over the counter and then just leave it so I wind up getting water on my shirt as I lean over to wash my hands, etc.

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

Style For Mankind said...

That necklace is so beautiful. I like it a lot!


Óscar Palomares said...

¡Hola, Lorena! Como siempre, me encanta que el look esté confeccionado a base de básicos... pero, al mismo tiempo, detalles como el collar logran llevarlo a otro nivel.

Un saludo,
Le Style et Moi

Sheila said...

I'm picky but also easy-going. Depends on the issue. I hate it when people walk too slow on the sidewalk, or don't move aside to have a conversation. Out of the way, I'm comin' through!

Jessica Cangiano said...

How, that's strange indeed. I won't say I've never encountered it, but not the widespread degree that you are. Perhaps they should put a paper towel dispenser or air hand dryer right near the door so that folks would (hopefully) put two and two together.

xoxo ♥ Jessica