Whenever I see something that calls my attention, 
I photograph it. Like these birdcages.
Jeans Red Valentino - Black vintage shirt California Obsessions - Grey blazer Rampage - Black flats Sam Edelman 
Then, I always say that I will upload it to Pinterest. 

The truth is, I never do.


Mica said...

The birdcages are pretty, what a nice piece of art! :)

I don't have pinterest, but I do like taking photos of things that grab my attention too. It's fun to stumble across them again when I'm searching through my old photos for things!

Away From The Blue Blog

Witchcrafted Life said...

How gorgeous! I would absolutely have needed to stop and take some photos there, too.

♥ Jessica

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Those bird cages and the whole hot pink background are all so gorgeous.