The Lady Cardigan

A few years ago while in Miami I picked up this lady print cardigan.
Black shorts Worthington - Black top Da Moda - Cardigan Forever 21 - Black flats Sam Edelman
When I tried it on I recall it was tighter than something I would normally 
wear. It is a size small, but I was so infatuated by it that I still bought 
it as it was the only left in the store. 
 I paid close to 30.00 USD.

Below is how it's been worn :
2016                          2013

2012                                  2010

Through the years I have worn it, I've never really been
comfortable in it, you can't blame a girl for trying..


LyddieGal said...

I have absolutely made purchases like that - something unique, but not really my size, maybe not even really my style, but for whatever reason I can't let it go.

Unknown said...

It's so cute though. I've done that before and then hope it stretches with time.