Marble Heart

There is nothing more frustrating than looking 
for an item you want to wear and not finding it.
White trousers Red Valentino - Grey top Express - Black cardigan Belldini -
Black wedges Aerosoles - Brown tote bag Coach - Brown sunglasses Tommy Hilfiger
Well, there actually is.
It's looking for an item you want to wear 
only to find out its ruined.
This time around it was with a white marble pendant.
White marble heart pendant
When I wanted to wear it, I realised that
the grey cord it hung from was in bad shape -
while its something that can be replaced, it just
seems like nothing is meant to last. 
What ever happened to quality ? 


Beauty Follower said...

Classy pants!

Witchcrafted Life said...

That's a shame. So true about quality. I routinely find everyday vintage items that you'd think wouldn't have lasted more than a couple of years, yet are in far better shape decades later than those from these days that have only been worn a few times. It looks like it would be an easy fix, if you found a nice chord, chain or ribbon that you liked. That's something at least.

Many hugs,
♥ Jessica