I've had this post sitting in my draft files since mid 2013.
Guess somethings take longer than others...

"Telva is a Spanish magazine a friend brought back
for me on her trip to Europe last year.
This is from the October 2012 issue, which I finished 
reading about a month ago."
"It's the Fall 2012 Campaign from El Corte Ingles, 
a recognized department store in Spain."
Even though I did not like the ad, I did like
some elements from it and here is my take on it:
Vintage scarf and brooch 
Trousers H&M - Brown turtleneck sweater - Flats - Michael Kors sunglasses
This proves that some posts take longer then others. 


Mica said...

I think I often file away inspiration for later and then when I finally do get around to creating the outfit or combination, I forget where I got the original inspiration from, haha! At least you had yours stored in a draft :)

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Ali Hval said...

Haha, sometimes we get drafts for years! I feel you there. I love your take on this--your brooch is absolutely perfect, and I love how colorful your scarf is

Ali Hval said...

^^I don't know why my exclamation point is all the way down there... whoops!

LyddieGal said...

I'm impressed that after holding on to it for four years you actually read it!
I do like the color palette and scarf broach combo.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Lorena you are the MASTER at recreating an outfit. PERFECT!