Odd dress

Yes, its that odd dress.
Rachel Roy dress - Me Too animal print flats - Black bag Michael Kors 
The comfy, unflattering one that you bought without 
a reasonable reason you can remember... 
Purchased in 2011, worn about 6 times.
After seeing a small stain on it and 
looking back on how it's been worn.. 
I can only ask myself why have
I held on to it for so long ?


Sheila said...

If this was in another colour (blah, I hate that oatmeal colour!) and fit you better, then I'd be saying keep it. As it is, yuck, toss that dress!

Cheryl van den Berg said...

Can definitely trade it in for a new piece. Maybe you bought it originally because, as you said, it's comfy and I do like the neck detail.


Kim Alston said...

I like the bottom portion! The top part gets a little awkward.

LyddieGal said...

It's so strange, I can see being drawn to simply because it's just so unique, however, I agree it's a good idea to let it go be unique on someone else.
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