First 2016 Closet Additions

Many of my January closet additions were
actually gifts, such as this 3 piece KlickKiss set, this Active USA 
grey sweater, the nude Punto Roma scarf and Italian printed top.

A gift from grandma was this vintage small embroidered handbag.

A hand me down was this sleeveless top with small nude dots.
Another gift was this grey / brown light weight scarf from Punto Roma.
Also gifts were this ocean theme gold tone necklace, the grey 
and white pearl bracelet, the silver tone evil eye charm bracelet
and a pair of Swarovski earrings (not pictured).
Also gifted this grey pashmina and a pair of Nike tennis shoes.

I picked up an Adidas running shirt for 16.05, 
maybe, just maybe I will run in it.  
A Bershka black pair of trousers for 21.40 USD, a Philip Lim for Target 
dress for 6.40 USD and I exchanged my Red Valentino Cherry pink 
glitter flats for pair of black trousers that fit quite well.
A trip to the thrift store allowed me to score these two dresses:
a striped one by Zara made in Spain, Marni 2009 dress made 
in Portugal, at 1.07 USD each.
A marvelous vintage find was this small evening beaded bag, 
made in France for 10.00 USD.

Oh, add 10.00 altering for trousers ... 
66.00 USD.


Mica T said...

You added some nice things to your wardrobe this month but those vintage bags are beautiful, they are my favourite pieces :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Kim Alston said...

Really great additions Lorena! Those handbags are absolutely gorgeous!

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a fun assortment of new additions. I'm (perhaps not surprisingly :)) entirely smitten with both of those gorgeous handbags.

♥ Jessica