Child like

Do you ever feel like you're a child,
doing grown up stuff ?

Black overalls Zara - Polka dot button down shirt Available - Black toe flats Zara - Sunglasses Forever 21

Sometimes I do. 


Elise Von E said...

Love these overalls! Awesome!

xx, Elise

Mica said...

haha yes, I feel like that much to often. More than I think is normal anyway!

Away From The Blue Blog

drollgirl said...

nope -- i don't. ha! for the most part I am thrilled to be an adult, except for the worrying and never-ending responsibilities part.

love the blouse! very cute!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Big time!!! I brought that point up with my mom (who is an incredibly mature, responsible person) about four years ago and she said that that feeling never entirely leaves. We both agreed that was for the better and that it helps to keep you young at heart.

♥ Jessica