Buttoned up

I am a fan of Suits. Who isn't ?
Trousers H&M - Cream cardigan Worthington - Brown shoes Baci 
One of the characters, Rachel, a paralegal, always wears the
most amazing pencil skirts with buttoned up cardigans.
I thought I'd try the buttoned up cardi look with 
this cream cardigan which I never wear.
While its not an outfit I'd wear again, 
it got me through the day.
Which right now, is all I need.


Witchcrafted Life said...

It's a charming, classic look in a peaceful colour palette. Definitely a like from me, lovely Lorena.

♥ Jessica

A Very Sweet Blog said...

It looked pretty on you :)

LyddieGal said...

Yes, and it's coming back soon and oh the drama of Mike getting arrested!
I think out of Rachel, Donna, and Jessica, Rachel has the most approachable style, while Jessica is usually wearing things I would think only belong at some fancy gala.
I also love Mike and Rachel's kitchen. Love.
Chic on the Cheap