Plastic Box Item #2

As mentioned yesterday I keep my clothes for 
cold weather in a plastic box in the closet.
Black trousers - White button down shirt Lacoste - Grey salt and pepper vest Stefanel kids - Black patent shoes Zara 
I bought two merino sweaters I needed to store in this bin, 
but when I went for the box I realised it was full and that I 
had to remove items in order to make space for new sweaters.
It was either this, or start a new bin… which was not an option.

So I decided to get rid of two sweaters, the light blue one from 
yesterday's post was the first and this salt and pepper vest is the second. 

Repurposed vintage Chandelier earrings Nudos - Crystal bracelets

Chose to wear it today and did a little blog search and 
happens that it was not been worn since 2010 (below)... 


Elegance and Mommyhood said...

LOVE THAT VEST AND I THINK THIS IS A KEEPER. Great elegant yet masculine polished outfit. I also purchased some of those mesh bracelets and necklaces this year.

Kim Alston said...

I do the same. You have to make room for new things!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Grey layers, colour palette, and bangles. Sweater vests are awesome and it's a shame they don't get more love these days, especially amongst us ladies.

♥ Jessica