The Geometric Dress

This dress was purchased in August 2014, almost a year ago.

Printed dress Jessica Simpson
After purchase I took it to the seamstress twice as
it was too big, and it still is. 

Black patent shoes Zara - Black obi tassel belt H&M
However I liked the geometric pattern so much that I thought belting 
it would work, which it did for the bottom part, 
but not so for the shoulders… 

Enamel bracelets 

Having to pull, tug and adjust the top part
of this dress all day long was exhausting and 
it just made me look unkept. 
Pull it back, hide the bra strap, then pull it down.
I was not comfortable. 
This is the first and last wear for this dress,
which sucks because I really like the pattern. 

9 comments said...

Pity you don't feel comfortable in it Lorena,the print is lovely:)

Jane Droll said...

i like the pattern too!

you could always make it into a blouse and a skirt if you don't mind getting it altered again!

or make pillows out of it!

jodie filogomo said...

It is very pretty....I'd use the material like Jane said. At least make a skirt from it! jodie

Mica T said...

It is a shame it does not work for you, as like you said it is a very pretty print. But you want pieces in your wardrobe that feel as good to wear as they do to look at, so I understand you letting it go.

Away From The Blue

Midnight Cowgirl said...

What a cute dress!

Jessica Cangiano said...

It's a great pattern for sure and the colours are terrific on you. Such a shame about the fit though. Could you perhaps have a seamstress sew it into a different garment (e.g., a skirt) or style of dress (such as a cap sleep dress) instead? That way you could keep the fabric you love, but ditch the fact that the dress doesn't currently fit you perfectly.

♥ Jessica

carolina g. ticala said...

Very nice pics! kiss ☺

carolina g. ticala said...

Very nice pics! kiss ☺

Sheila said...

It's a fabulous dress, and I like the top part of it too. Why don't you have your seamstress put in little tabs at the shoulders, for looping under your bra strap? They used to do this on dresses all the time - it's a strip, like a ribbon, with a snap fastener on one end. The strip goes under your bra strap, then snaps back to the dress. No slipping, no sliding, and your bra straps never show.