Working and traveling

Traveling for work is not easy.
You have to pack for at least a week,
make sure that bills are paid, errands
have been taken care of..
Most friends and family tend to 
think that you are not actually working when you travel. 
For example, I'll reply to a party invite
"I'm sorry, I won't be able to attend, because
I will be in Switzerland working those dates…"
Their reply is usually "wow, how fun.."

I have been doing it for many years now and I try
to make the best of each and every trip I take.
I can travel and be a happy camper about it
or hate it all the way. 

Liz Claiborne jeans - Black sweater 
I chose the first.
Besides getting the job done, I always see it
as a possibility to learn something new,
whatever it may be.

Scarf H&M - Purple bag Coach
This time around not only did I learn more about the country but
I also tried Rivella a swiss drink based on whey, it's absolutely delicious.
Traveling is always a learning experience:
it's up to you.


A Very Sweet Blog said...

That's what I would do too Lorena! Get something new out of each travel experience. I would love your job!

Mica said...

Such a positive way to frame your work! It is a great perk, lots of people would love to experience working in different countries. I guess it helps if you like the work you do too, haha! :)

Away From The Blue

Shybiker said...

Good for you! Glad to hear you're able to enjoy your visit.

LyddieGal said...

I know that traveling for work always sounds more exciting than it is, but I like that you always make the most of it, and still at the end of the day, you did get to experience a new country on a company card.