Little jacket

I vividly recall when I purchased this little jacket.
Black dress JBS Ltd. - Military button short sleeve jacket -
Black and nude flats Marc Fisher - Bag Venezia
It was in a local department store, there were very few 
of them and the label had been removed, 
so I had no idea what brand it was.

Then somehow the excitement wore off and I could only find I
wore it twice in almost five years - and then today.
So, its probably also going on the donation pile.. or not.



Kim Alston said...

It looks fabulous on you! Great with your dress and also pants.

Jessica Cangiano said...

I think it looks fabulous on you! How strange about the label being removed though! I've never heard of that happening with an item that was being sold new (for the first time) in a full on department store. Do you have any guesses as to what brand it might be?

♥ Jessica

Katherine said...

Looks great Lorena! I wouldn't donate it :) but I hang onto clothes forever it seems!

LyddieGal said...

I think it's a very cute jacket - it's boxy but not too boxy and in your climate, you probably have a need for shortsleeved jackets.

I realized after the fact that short sleeved jackets are a poor choice for me and have since rid my closet of all four (or was it five?) of them.

Chic on the Cheap

Mica T said...

I think that is a really cute jacket! Can you wear it more often? It looks great on you! If it's an effort to wear it though, you probably are best to donate it...

Away From The Blue

Shybiker said...

What a cute design. I wish you were bigger or I was smaller so I could coax you into giving it to me. But, alas, it would never fit my body...

Tanya said...

I like this outfit and nice sunglasses.