Green Tangerine

I did some organising in the closet,
specifically blazers and cardigans.

Black dress George - Green jacket Tangerine - Black shoes Moleca
I pulled out five, those that I never wear and decided to try 
them and see if I really, really wanted to keep them.

Purple bag Coach
In that group was "Green Tangerine".
This green jacket made by "Tangerine", 
I've had it for at least 3 years.
Worn 4 times since 2012, apparently in 
2012 it was quite popular.

These days, not much.
It's cropped, has a hole inside a pocket and 
I am no longer a fan.

So, I'll be trying Tangerine once more before I let go.


Mica T said...

Shame you are not keeping it! It is a lovely colour on you! And really nice with the little black dress :)

I'm slowly making my way through wearing my wardrobe and doing the same thing too - gotta trim it down to just pieces I love!

Away From The Blue

Ricmary said...

Me encanta el toque verde de este look :D

Bsos y feliz finde mi ChicAdicta

Kelly Roy said...

Maybe change the button and keep it. It's flattering. Maybe dye it black. I love the bangs in your hair!I constantly streamline my wardrobe. And I certainly have a love hate relation with food.At the moment I do the whole 30 kind of diet and lost 3kilos. It's still warm where you live,still!

Kim Alston said...

Wear it with all white. I think it would look great.