Together forever

If I buy coordinates or sets, 
the odds of me wearing them separately
are none.
Grey skirt and suit set Rampage
I will wear them together forever.

Purple bag Coach - Flexi nude pumps
Although this time around I think this will have to change
as I realised that the fabric of this grey skirt stretched too
much in the backside area and I simply cannot keep wearing
it in that condition.
Pink printed button down shirt Talbots
Since I like the jacket and am only getting rid of the skirt,
this will change and hopefully I will venture on styling the 
jacket with other items.

Do you also do this ?
Wear sets and coordinates together and don't give them a chance ?


Mica T said...

I like the pink and grey combination! :)

Shame about the skirt - hopefully you still get a lot of wear out of the blazer :) I only have one "set", which is a vintage one, that I've worn together once. I prefer wearing the pieces separately, as they make such a statement on their own.

Away From The Blue

Sheila said...

I always split up sets - wear them separately, and if you need a suit, you have one!