The Swiss Cardi

This cardigan has been around for over ten years.

Trousers Valerie Bertinelli - Isola burgundy flats - Purple bag Coach
Looks vintage, but it's not.
I actually bought it at a local store, but did take it on a trip
to Switzerland a few years ago.
So it brings fond memories.

Tan button down shirt Tommy Hilfiger
It does not appear often on the blog as I just don't wear it
and I am having second thoughts on keeping it.

However, for some odd reason, 
I feel I cannot part with it.

What do you think, is this a keeper ?


ana said...

Si Lore esos suéteres aunque no los usemos porque donde vivimos es caluroso luego cuando haces viajes no sabes como sirven!!! yo tengo separado ya mi clóset en P/V y O/I porque Guadalajara casi solo tiene estas dos estaciones, la primavera es igual que el verano y el otoño es más bien caluroso pero cuando voy a visitar a mis padres o de viaje de trabajo si vale la pena tener este tipo de ropa! Que se quede!

Kim Alston said...

It looks great with those Jeans! love that burgundy color.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Definite keeper!!! And I say that entirely without bias because of its great vintage vibe. :D

♥ Jessica