Missing Someone

Missing someone is
Dress Chadwicks - Stripes and flower flat Nine West - Purple bag Coach 
your heart's way of reminding you

Teal Sunglasses Kenneth Cole
that you love them.

Are you missing anyone ?

Is anyone missing you ?


Mica T said...

Aww that's a lovely thought, I never thought of it that way! :)

I like your dress with the printed flats - lovely combination :)

Away From The Blue

Shybiker said...

That's true. Good point to reflect upon.

You look fabulous in this dress. I envy how perfect your body is for clothes like this. You have the ideal physical shape for a woman.

Jane Droll said...

beautiful dress and it is a very good cut for you! flattering!

i am not missing anyone right this second, but if i think of it long enough i will start to! and i doubt anyone is missing me. ;)