English dresses

I've been aiming to pack for colder weather as
I have an upcoming trip.

So I went to a thrift shop I recently discovered and tried on this 
vintage English dress, which I actually really liked… until
everyone I showed this picture to gave me their feedback.
I felt it was very McQueen, but my audience thought otherwise.
Some of them just gave a negative glance, others a loud 
"no, no" and the unforgettable "you look Amish" comment.
I had planned to buy this and wear it a formal gala.

I also tried another vintage wool dress, this one from my closet.
It felt a bit like a costume, so I am not taking it with me.

Right now my suitcase is still empty...


Sheila said...

I like the top dress in theory, but it's so much black at the top that it overwhelms you. The plaid bottom part is fabulous - if you could find a skirt like that and then do a different top, that would help.

I love the bottom dress on you! It really suits you. However, if you're not used to wearing vintage and it feels costume-y, you just won't feel right in it.

Closet Fashionista said...

I love the skirt part of the first dress, but I agree with Sheila, the top part is a little enveloping...
And I think that second dress is really cute! Very sixties, but not too costumey (in my opinion at least)

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

beautiful patterns! The skirt is my fave and stay warm!

Inside and Outside Blog

lorenabr said...

Gorgeous! Love the pattern look!

Mica T said...

I'm also agreeing with Sheila (she knows here stuff!) the top is just a bit too much. But that skirt, is stunning. It definitely would look elegant enough for a gala. Just a different style for the top half of the dress would have been perfect :)

Good luck with your dress shopping!

Away From The Blue

Jessica Cangiano said...

Phish!!! Your naysayers are just being scrounges, I think that (first) dress exudes classy, classic, highly sophisticated 60s/70s British charm and looks ravishing on you!

♥ Jessica

joshylola said...

Qué cuadros tan bonitos,me gustan

Kim Alston said...

Both pieces look pretty on you!

ana said...

Creo que el primero es demasiado para ti... pero el segundo me encanta!!!!! así tal cual lo posteaste con esas botas te ves preciosa y con tu pelo suelto siii llevátelo!