Polka dots and pearls

One of those days where you
will wear anything, as long as you're not late.

White skirt Nine West - White button down shirt Lacoste -
Blue and white polka dot sweater Liz Claiborne - Blue suede flats Zara 
However once in the elevator where you have
a full length mirror all the things you don't like
about the outfit begin to appear.

In this case it was the sweater, too slouchy.
And of course the flats, heels would have been
more appropriate.

Maybe I'll do better next time.
This got me through the day.


lorenabr said...

Love dots- classic chic!

ana said...

pues a mi me gustó mucho... con flats no se ve mal... y tengo un collar de perlas igual ;)

Shybiker said...

For women (like you) who have to wear clothes every day, not every outfit is going to be a screaming success. It's enough to be presentable. And this ensemble is more than that. Of course, there are occasions when you shine but just to get through a routine day, this is more than adequate.

I dream about being able to dress up every day but recognize that reality is different and harder than a dream.

Kim Alston said...

HaHa Lorena! You can pick an outfit to pieces!

LyddieGal said...

I agree with you on the heels, but otherwise, I think this is really fab, and the pencil skirt balances out the slouchiness of the sweater. Plus I love pearls paired with polka dots.
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