Dressing for..

I was recently speaking to a co worker when
she began to tell me about how she dresses
for people she does not like.
Old Navy red jeans - Black tshirt Daisy Fuentes -
Flower print cardigan Michelle - Green flats Vitoria Ferreira
Whenever she gets ready to leave the house she looks at
herself in the mirror critically and asks herself if she would
feel confident and amazing in that outfit if she ran into a
certain person from her past.
If the answer was no, she would go back and rework it.
Even if she was late, even if there was no way in hell she
would run into this person, even if she was tired: she'd go back.

I thought it was quite insightful and interesting as we all have a 
very personal way of dressing.

I'd like to hear about yours.


Mimi said...

Very interesting. It's dressing with intent I suppose. I usually dress for comfort but I also dress to feel confident and to be honest, I think i sometimes dress to appear tougher than I really am, although since becoming a mom, that has faded a bit. Living in New York made me want to send off a "do not mess with me" vibe at the beginning and then i later felt more comfortable there:)

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Shybiker said...

This is interesting. I was once told never to go into public without proper grooming and didn't believe it. Then, one day, I went to the mall without taking a shower -- which meant my hair looked terrible -- and I ran into an old acquaintance whom I'd normally want to impress. But I looked like a bum. Ever since then, I groom myself!

Kim Alston said...

haha! i've heard that before! i need to do the same thing!

LyddieGal said...

It's so true - why is it always the day you run out of the house in your comfy clothes and no makeup that you happen to cross paths with someone you'd rather not see?

With her methods, she always looks amazing, and by the nature of the universe, will never run into any of those people.

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