A marvelous idea

I recently had the opportunity to attend a 
local exhibit.

Red jeans Old Navy - White top Zara - Striped flats Nine West
It was widely publicised, therefore the organisers should 
have expected a great turnout.
Happens they weren't.

What could have been an outstanding event
was just an overcrowded place where nothing
could be appreciated.

That's what I call a marvellous idea, 
poorly executed.


Kim Alston said...

And that happens a lot! Love the color of your pants.

LyddieGal said...

Now that is a shame that everyone went and no one could enjoy it. At least it doesn't look too crowded over where you are.

Loving the pink pants too... now I'm sort of missing mine, but I got rid of them because they didn't fit and I rarely wear the colored pants I have which do fit, so really, I should not be bemoaning them.

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